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About Notifications


Keep in mind it is possible that recipients won't open their e-card pickup notification email thinking it is spam, or the emails can sometimes be automatically filtered into a spam folder. For this reason, we recommend you keep the pickup notification switched on to help you know if your card has been delivered successfully. If you don't receive a notification by email, this most likely means the e-card did not get delivered to the recipient.

By default the notification should already be switched on. You can check that the 'e-card received' notification email is activated by click on the 'Notification' tab at the top of the e-card sending form.

Future Send Date
Ecards are set to send straight away by default.

However, you don't have to send your ecard immediately after you have created it. You can set a date in the future for your card to be sent.

Just click on the 'Send Date' tab at the top of the ecard send form to select a date in the future for your card to be sent.

All eCards on this website are copyright the creator of the original artwork. eCards are used with special kind permission from sources including UK Christian Web, Christian Photoshops and photolibraries. The eCards on UK Christian Web are only to be used for the purpose of sending eCards using this eCard website. eCard artwork must not be downloaded, printed, downloaded from this site and uploaded to another site or used in any other way except as eCards sent from this website.

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